When translating documents typical for one or another customer we often come across a situation when a part of the text has already been translated. It also concerns special terms in various fields. In order not to translate such units, but to speed up translating process and make it much cheaper, data bases programs, or so called Translation Memory (TM), for translation business were created. The most popular programs are Trados, Transit, DejaVu, SDLX.

TM works according to translated texts accumulation principle: during translation original sentence and its translated variant is saved in TM. When translating a new text the program compares each sentence with the saved ones in TM. If an identical sentence is found, it is displayed with the translation and match value in percent. Thus the task is easier: a translator has only to translate lacking sentences and/or edit those which fell into sector of repetition different from 100%.

Moreover, if the document contains inner repeating units, the program can calculate the percentage of so called Internal repetition. Together Internal repetition and earlier accumulated TM repetition in many cases significantly speed up and reduce the price of translation.

Advantages of TM:

  • Cost saving
  • Time saving
  • Stable quality of translation
  • Possibility to work in any text formats

By the customer's request Invariant translation agency gives a detailed calculation of any file taking into account the abovementioned aspects. Upon the translation every customer may get the accumulated TM on a curtain subject.

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