Website and software localization or translation is the method of modifying a website or a program in a way that it becomes more accessible, usable and culturally suitable to the target audience. Localization can help you to rapidly expand your business, reach many different countries and cultures, and improve profits.

Many website owners have begun to understand that to be successful in your business and earn big bucks, it is not just enough to have a monolingual website. These companies now believe that Internet users feel comfortable and understand the company's products/services better if the information is given in users' native language. Therefore, to maximize profits and increase market share, your business needs to reach such audiences beyond national markets. One effective method to cross cultural and language barriers is website localization or translation.

We completely understand that to get accessed by million users, it is imperative to have a website or software in a language that the user can best understand. We offer professional language translation services for websites, online portals and different technological products. With our comprehensive knowledge, qualified language translators, professional website or software translation processes using the latest technology, we help you get the most perfect and affordable localization services in the quickest and most effective manner.

In order to proceed with th translation of your website or program we generally adopt one of the following two approaches. The content to be translated can either be sent to us with all encoding or markup languages removed (.txt, .doc, .rtf), or we can proceed directly with the translation of the sources files (.asp, .htm(l), .php, .xml, java and many more). In the latter case, we will download your siteor program, perform a word count and send you the details so that you can accept the word count or delete unnecessary files. We can then confirm our final price.

Our expert translators can put your site and program on the right track to success. We have the appropriate programming expertise and linguistic and cultural knowledge to make your product attractive for varied Internet users. Our certified translators are well acquainted with the regional variants, grammar, punctuation, nuances, axioms, jargon, euphemisms, styles, dialects, etc. to give you high quality language translation services.

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