Legal translations

We provide high-end legal documents translation services at very affordable prices. We understand that the translation of legal documents is not a simple task and any kind of terminological omissions or lexical gaps can result in lawsuit or disastrous consequences. We have a team qualified and knowledgeable linguists that can provide translation services in different busines areas. We choose our translators very carefully making sure they are duly suitable for a particular project so that even highly complex legal information is translated accurately.

Our translators have comprehensive knowledge of legal terminology and this ensures accurate translation of legal documents. Their expertise is not limited to language proficiency; they also understand.

  • International law,
  • Contract law,
  • Criminal law,
  • Corporations law,
  • Commercial law,
  • Foreign law,
  • Tax law,
  • Immigration law,
  • Property law,
  • Insurance law,
  • and other government regulations followed around the globe.

Our services in this area include translation of legal documents like statutes, bills, contracts, agreements, bonds, treaties, court documentation, summons' and complaints, judicial proceedings, power of attorney, patents, licenses, expert reports, litigation documents etc. We understand that law is a culture-dependent subject field and translation of legal documents is a very critical task, therefore the documents are thoroughly checked by professional editors and reviewers multiple times to deliver zero error work.

We follow a concise approach with a systematic process by assigning a dedicated team of translators, editors and reviewers to every project. We specialize in producing 100% accurate legal translations for corporate, small business, and personal needs. We have a solution for all your multilingual challenges and provide FREE quotations 24x7 with prompt response.

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