We provide full-service business interpreter translator services and our interpreters have passed rigorous tests to be professional interpreters and have university-level training in their respective discipline. They are bilingual and competent to translate between the two languages. All have at least a decade of proven business interpreter translator services at the conference level. Our interpreters work in three classes of interpretation services: Consecutive, Simultaneous, and Escort.

Consecutive interpreting is used during press conferences,small meetings and negotiations. The interpreter waits for the speaker to finish all or part of his/her speech. While listening to the speaker, the interpreter takes notes using a technique which is similar to stenography. Once the speaker concludes his/her brief speech, the interpreter translates it from the notes. Keywords assigns simultaneous or conference interpreting services to professional interpreters who possess special qualifications and proven experience as conference interpreters. During a simultaneous interpretation session, the interpreter works in an acoustically isolated booth, listening to what is being said through earphones and voicing the simultaneous translation through a microphone. A minimum of two interpreters work in each booth. In order for the interpretation to be carried out under optimal conditions, we ask the client provide us - as well in advance as possible - all event-related material that may be useful for the interpreter to be well prepared to handle the specific subject matter of the event. It may be necessary at times to hold a briefing session with the interpreters, or our manager who is responsible for the event, and the client, in order to go over the event's agenda and the kind of service required.

When you are going to a foreign country where you don't speak any of their language, you can rely on us for the escort interpreting service that will suit your needs, whether you are traveling in Beijing to see the Great Walls, whether you are meeting buyers in New-York, or whether you are shopping in in Paris our pleasant and helpful interpreters are happy to make your trip more enjoyable.

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