Nowadays efficient work of scientist, engineer, translator, editor, man of letters, probably, representative of any intellectual profession is possible only provided that there is an effective access to information resources.

The Internet has quickly become a huge and basically free library with constantly updating fund - a global bookcase with non-dimensional shelves. Thousands of various technical and scientific reference books, electronic dictionaries and glossaries are at "reader's" service.

Below you will see useful and working (as of March 2008) references to free online resources: encyclopaedias; explanatory, interlingual, general, special, philological, scientific and technical dictionaries; idioglossaries, thesauri. The list will be regularly enlarged and updated.

Encyclopedias (Russian)

Брокгауз и Ефрон (Brokgauz and Efron) http://dic.academic.ru/library2.nsf/brokgauz/
Современная энциклопедия (Modern Encyclopedia)

over 13,000 dictionary entries

Большой энциклопедический словарь (Great Encyclopedia)

Universal reference book which covers every sphere of modern knowledge. The second substantially updated edition consists of 80,000 entries, including about 20,000 biographies.

Энциклопедия Кольера (Colier’s encyclopedia) http://www.diclib.com/cgi-bin/d1.cgi?base=colier&page=showpages
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